Learn reading with fun!

Comprehensive App for children aimed at improving their reading and writing Skills!


Available for  iPad®  iPhone®

Boulder Dash™

Dig This! Boulder Dash™ finds our heroes, Rockford™, Crystal™ and others, facing a slew of new, exciting challenges in this legendary action puzzler!

The world-famous classic interactive game from the early home computer and video game age


Available for  Android Pad  Android Phone  iPad®  iPhone®  Steam

Einstein™ Cubes

Left, right, straight …or maybe not?

Einstein™ Cubes, the captivating thinking game for clever people, requiring spatial thinking at the highest level!


Available for  iPad®  iPhone®

Einstein™ Quiz Runner

The new action quiz with Albert Einstein!

Test your skills and knowledge while exploring the world and the universe with Albert Einstein.

Available for  iPad®  iPhone®

Train your Brain

Feed your brain with a personal coach!

If you want to stay young at heart, and sharp mentally, take a few minutes a day and Train your Brain!  [more]

Available for  Mac®

Brain Duel™

Brain Duel – who is the smartest person around… or across the whole world?

Quiz-type duels are a thing of the past. Say hello to Brain Duel. Now you can measure your brain fitness online and in real-time in duels with other players.


Available for  iPad®  iPhone®

Beat the Beat

Beat the Beat – a brand new minimalistic music action game

Immerse yourself into a new world with Beat the Beat. Move your character safely and without touching the rotating circular elements, generated by the rhythm of music.

Available for  Android Pad  Android Phone  iPad®  iPhone®