Beat the Beat

Beat the Beat – a brand new minimalistic music action game

Immerse yourself into a new world with Beat the Beat. Move your character safely and without touching the rotating circular elements, generated by the rhythm of music.
Beat the Beat’s stunning characteristics make it a winner with its unique combination of action, graphics, and music. This spectacular and highly addictive gaming concept will surely pull you into its spell.

The Beat the Beat concept was inspired by the famous and hugely successful „Super Hexagon game. In contrast to „Super Hexagon“, though, Beat the Beat offers a variety of control options for the gamer. In addition, it allows you to make your own music part of the game, as Beat the Beat offers the option to access your entire iTunes music library when gaming. To top if off, Beat the Beat’s feature set includes a selection of 8- bit retro style music, created and composed by globally renowned games musician Alex Mauer.

Beat the Beat is the perfect game for all people with a love for music, action and finessed moves. Beat the Beat certainly is an absolute must have for all Super Hexagon players.

Go for it! Immerse yourself in a world of music, action and finesse. Join us and experience many wonderful surprises!

Many great functions and features will inspire you:
• 3 different options for touch controlling your own character
• 6 different difficulty levels
• 3 integrated chiptunes music titles composed by famous game musician Alex Mauer
• access your complete iTunes music library and play the game with your own favorite music
• Game Center support for high scores and achievements
• Retina display support