BBG Entertainment is a games developer and publisher headquartered in Munich, Germany. The founder and staff of BBG Entertainment have years of experience in the market for computer games, especially in the area of casual gaming, and excellent contact with most renowned Japanese games companies for well over 20 years. BBG Entertainment is privately owned, with more than 10 employees and freelancers at the Munich headquarters, and works with external development studios as needed.

Stephan Berendsen, the founder and president of BBG Entertainment, has founded in 2001 the mobile gaming company Living Mobile. Within three years Living Mobile became one of the top 10 mobile gaming companies in Europe with 40 employees working in three locations (Munich, Prague and Singapore). Living Mobile licensed famous games like Bomberman, Tamagotchi, Resident Evil, Street Fighter and many more from leading Japanese gaming companies like Hudson Soft/Konami, Bandai, Capcom. In November 2005 The Walt Disney Company acquired Living Mobile.