You loved the original? Then now exerience multiplayer DYNABLASTER online! That same great game with detailed level design, character customization and in a modern style

Munich, Germany – February 25, 2016 – BBG Entertainment, a leading producer and publisher of digital entertainment products, announced today the worldwide release of DYNABLASTER priced at US$ 1.99 / Euro 1.99 / £ 1.49 for the Apple iPhone/iPad and Apple TV on the Apple iTunes App Store℠. An Android™ version will be added later.

Having been a blockbuster on various consoles, PCs, Atari ST and Commodore Amiga, DYNABLASTER™ is a game for the strategic thinker whose smart tactics will instill fear in his competitors – playing online against others or offline against the computer (AI opponents).

In this captivating action game, destroy your enemies with cleverly placed bombs. Playing in groups of up to 4 players total, he who survives longest wins! You always have to be on your toes and be extremely swift. But being fast is not enough. You need top place bombs with strategy to effectively kill your enemies.

The game features a variety of items, such as PowerUps, that are hidden under blocks. You need to destroy the blocks to free these coveted PowerUps, as these PowerUps give you additional energy, such as:

  • ExtraSpeed: for you to move about faster
  • BigBang: for your bombs to be more effective and have higher detonation energy
  • MultiBomb: will allow you to lay multiple bombs, creating a chain reaction
  • Protection Vest: your body armor that protects you for a certain time against bomb blasts
  • Water: use to prevent bombs from detonating
  • MegaBomb: destroy all competitors within a certain perimeter

DYNABLASTER™ offers various game modes, including several online modes for connecting 2 to 4 players in real time. You can choose to challenge friends locally or choose any global DYNABLASTER™ player.

Here is a selection of available game modes:

  • VS Mode – Online-Multiplayer: Speed match against randomly selected competitors. The game is over when only one (or none) player is left
  • Tournament-Mode: Match against randomly selected competitors. The game continues until one player wins three times
  • Play versus Friends: Invite your friends to a match against you
  • Trainings-Mode: Play against three players, which are guided by the computer (offline match, no internet connection required)
  • Apple TV Mode (available only on Apple TV 4th generation): Special Multiplayer Mode – up to four players play against each other using Apple TV

Furthermore, you can design your own pawn/figure in the game reflecting your taste. Choose among various figures, clothing outfits, heads, haircuts, hats, bombs and much more, in order to design your individual DYNABLASTER™ pawn.

DYNABLASTER™ features extensive online statistics to compare yourself to other players and your friends. They show your rank next to a detailed score analyses from which you can generate ideas to improve your strategy and tactics.

Munich-based BBG Entertainment hit the bull’s eye already with its Einstein™ Brain Trainer for the iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Within a matter of days of launch, the game leapt into the top games apps sold around the world. On May 16th 2013 the Android version of Einstein™ Brain Trainer was awarded from the famous 148apps and Pocketgamer portal with the “BestAppEver” prize in the categories “Best Education App” and “Best Brain and Puzzle Game”.

DYNABLASTER™ is completely localized into English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Brazilian/Portuguese, Russian, Japanese and Simplified Chinese.

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