Popular iPad® Mental Fitness Game Einstein™ Brain Trainer Now Delivers Engaging Experience on iPhone

Munich, Germany – July 5th, 2012 –

BBG Entertainment, a leading producer and publisher of digital entertainment products, announced today the worldwide release of Einstein Brain Trainer for the Apple iPhone on the App Store℠ for US$2.99 (2,39 Euro). Additionally, BBG Entertainment is pleased to launch an update to its popular Einstein Brain Trainer HD for the iPad, granting users access to 12 extra activities for free.

Einstein™ Brain Trainer allows players to challenge their brain in a playful, motivating way on a regular basis. With its broad appeal, Einstein™ Brain Trainer combines high entertainment value with mental exercises that automatically adapt to the level of each player. By utilizing a series of mathematical, logic, vision, and memory based tests and activities, players can keep their brain sharp and active.  The character of revered physicist Albert Einstein assists players in-game, guiding them through training, and providing advice and motivation to keep exercising the various regions of the brain. All areas of the game were individually designed with high levels of creativity, making this truly unique brain trainer a blast to play.

Munich-based BBG Entertainment hit the bull’s eye in Apple’s App Store already with its Einstein™ Brain Trainer HD for the iPad. Within a matter of days of launch, the game leapt into the top five iPad games apps sold around the world.

Free trials of both Einstein™ Brain Trainer and Einstein™ Brain Trainer HD are also available in store.

Einstein™ Brain Trainer Features:

  • 30 exercises in all (about half of them new and specially developed; the rest are well-known, popular exercises)
  • Scientific background including a tutorial for each exercise
  • Daily Tests to check your current „Brain Fitness“
  • Dynamic adaptation of the difficulty level of individual exercises
  • Continuous interaction between Albert Einstein and the player
  • Detailed help system accessible from anywhere in the game
  • Trophy room for awards received
  • Hot Seat mode (multiplayer mode on a single iPhone)
  • Game Center support for a global high score ranking
  • Personal coaching by the likeness of Albert Einstein
  • Available now for Apple iPhone on the App Store

The price of Einstein™ Brain Trainer on the App Store including 30 different brain exercises is US$ 2.99 (2,39 Euro).

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